The free gift list service

This free gift list service allows you to create your own gift list. A gift list is simply a wish list of things that you would like for your Birthday, Wedding, Christmas or some other event.

How does the gift list work?

You create a gift list and then tell your friends where to find it - don't worry, we do our best to make this a simple process.

If you are looking to get someone something from a gift list then simply:

  1. View the list and select what you would like to get you from the list.
  2. Complete the check-out process - this is free, but it is important that you complete the "check-out" process as this allows us to remove items from the list so that they are no longer available for anyone else.
  3. It is then up to you to to buy, wrap and deliver your chosen gift.

This gift list service doesn't force or encourage you to use any particular retailer. You have the freedom to choose where to get what you have selected, how to wrap it up and how to deliver it. So your giving will always have your own personal touch.

Where to start?

Find someone's gift list


Create your own gift list

Remember, there are no charges for any of this.